Vertical Sprawl {2010}

Vertical Sprawl looks at how we have faith in our next breath but are disassociated with the extreme changes in the environment around us.The work asks what spaces have we abandoned in ourselves? While we build skyscrapers as island temples of a consumer based society. How could the earth possibly support a mall the size of a planet? Abundance, consumption, scarcity, conflict, collapse, new order, or start cycle again.

Choreography Heather Maloney
Composer Juan Carlos Espinosa
Dancers Joanne Barrett, John Beauregard, Carlota Pradera, Heather Maloney
Lighting Design Thomas Aratanha

Writing on  Vertical Sprawl by Elizabeth Doud
Vertical Sprawl
I can’t describe physics of a vertical sprawl, which has something implicitly architectural;  directed and chaotic, but unstoppable like a flood.  And also lazy but epidemic in its weight.
There are images of careful construction and collapse that feel gingerly crafted, then smashed down.  When intimacy is present, it’s not the same intimacy again and again, but an arrangement of different kinds of closeness, of support, tolerance—willing and begrudged—and necessary, but also fragile cooperation.  I can see the work it takes to build something, and therefore understand that when one component is missing, or deliberately retracted, I might have to suffer watching a collapse.  Just knowing that makes the strength of each placement an effort of interest.
There is work, not struggle: labor.  It’s the labor of artisans; bricklayers, or weavers or  sharecroppers… forklifts? Efforts towards an important building up of something that will get unloaded, cracked, blown over inexplicably, or inevitably.
Length of full work 60 min For more info contact