“Maloney has almost unnerving focus as a performer; she is sometimes literally at the audiences feet. You believe that each moment matters intensely to her which gives integrity to her work bridging the lines between performer and the audience, dance and reality.”
Miami Herald

Maloney excels with a vast vernacular of nonverbal communications.
Miami New Times

“Maloney has a delicious fluency onstage and the ability to create a different reality onstage. Maloney has a strong inner arrow.”
Miami Herald

“You feel powerfully that Maloney is speaking, in the only way she can, of things that matter intensely to her. It is a struggle between the natural/ spiritual technological/alienated.”
Miami Herald

Ms. Maloney's work is so intensely personal that one feels almost like an uninvited voyeur while watching her dances. Her risk-taking is more than just admirable -- it is the kind of "unzipping" an artist must go through to discover a kind of realness/honesty lacking in so much of contemporary dance. Ms. Maloney's work treads the ever-graying boundary between dance and theatrical performance, and it is mesmerizing to watch her define, re-negotiate and shatter those distinctions. Her focus on stage as she executes her phrases is hypnotic. That supple spine, those boney initiations and the appreciation of line and stillness further endear both the purist and the rebel in all of us. The additional information of her working with physically challenged individuals on stage and not having that individual serve as a vehicle for empathy/sympathy, etc. is the mark of someone who sees beyond the body and into the creative soul in all of us who move, walk and (incredibly) get to dance. Clearly, she is an artist to be reckoned with on a multi-level.